About IP Contracts Law Firm

Specialist legal services in business to business commercial contracts and intellectual property matters.

IP Contracts Law Firm is the vehicle for the provision of legal services by Mr Julian Allinson to select elite clients. We deal with business-to-business commercial contracts across a broad range of sectors including ICT, Biotech and university business. We have a range of clients including huge multi-national corporations, high-tech high-growth SMEs and top universities.

We bring to the table a huge experience of and expertise in commercial contracts drafting, review and negotiation. We are typically involved with services and consulting agreements; sponsored research agreements; collaboration agreements, increasingly to include Horizon 2020 consortium agreements. We also have vast experience of IPR assignment or licensing transactions across a wide range of technology sectors, including software licensing transactions.

Our style is dynamic, goal orientated and highly effective. We ensure that our clients’ interests are always carefully reflected in commercial contracts with customers and suppliers. We achieve this through the above-mentioned experience combined with a deep understanding of the law, a knowledge of the latest developments in English laws via LexisNexis® database and other tools, and not least through our dynamic solutions orientated approach to negotiations.