IP Contracts Law Firm is dedicated to the supply of the highest quality specialist commercial contracts services to its clients.

Through specialising in two complementary areas (commercial contracts and intellectual property) we are able to draw on our unique expertise in both to provide dynamic solutions to our clients. With years of experience dealing with these matters across a range of technology sectors we are able to ensure that optimal deals are delivered and executed. We have experience of a huge range of transactions, for some examples see our Transaction Examples page.

Commercial Contracts

Providing legal services to a consistently high standard requires a deep understanding of UK contract laws as well as an appreciation of the key drivers of our clients and an ability to identify and address the drivers of those persons they are dealing with. This enables a dynamic principled yet pragmatic approach to negotiations, ensuring that flashpoints are resolved assertively without damaging the relationship.

IP Contracts Law Firm has a wealth of experience in the skilful handling of negotiations around the key flashpoints in commercial contracts such as warranties and liability, IPR ownership and licensing, confidentiality.

Intellectual Property

IP Contracts law firm has a specialist knowledge of substantive and procedural intellectual property laws, including patents, copyright and design rights. We are able to provide expert advice to clients on IPR strategy and transactions.

We have many years of experience of a range of patents to software licensing deals across the full range of technology sectors, together with an extensive and impressive war chest of templates and precedent agreements and other legal tools to ensure optimal contractual terms for IP licence deals.